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What you get

follow your destination drawing map in San Miguel

Your Drawing Destination Guide is a fun, interactive way to feel connected to the city as we draw. If you’re here, draw these locations in person after watching the video! If not, let your imagination and this map be your guide 😀

individualized attention

Thanks to our online course community, you will have access to the individualized attention of your instructor Jessica, just as you would in the in-person course. Learn as you go and get feedback on each assignment from Jessica. 

Go at your own pace with lifetime access

Don’t worry, one you join, you’re in forever! This course is only going to get better over time–including already planned new lessons in new SMA locations. You will be locked in forever with the price you’ve paid, so join now and get future goodies, and re-watch the lessons as many tines as you need to.

Meet your creative classmates

Accountability is the #1 thing that will help you truly grow as an artist. Make some friends in our online group and get better together!

Hone Your Skills

Can't Draw?

This course was made for people who can't even draw a stick figure. Start from the beginning with the foundations and elements of drawing.

Master Your Materials

Learn how to best use your materials, from pen and pencil to watercolor. Your instructor helps each step along the way.

Be Creative

This course covers not only the skills needed to draw accurately, but also the mindset needed to maintain a thriving creative practice.

Who Should Join?

Any Combination of the below:

  • You’ve never been to San Miguel de Allende
  • You’ve never taken an art course
  • You are a self-certified awful artist
  • You’ve visited San Miguel, once or often, or maybe you’re a seasonal visitor
  • You’ve taken one or two classes but want more practice and support
  • You live in SMA or spend most of the year here
  • You have an art degree
  • You’re good and recognize the importance of practicing the foundations of drawing

What Our Students say

Before, I knew something was wrong but I didn’t know how to fix it. Jessica has taught me many ways of seeing.

Rajahla K.

I felt successful from the very first exercise. Jessica is a wonderful teacher able to break down skills into manageable easy pieces.

Sheila McP.

About your Instructor

Jessica Antonelli

Jessica Antonelli is an award winning art teacher born on the island of Galveston, near Texas. She studied the fundamentals of drawing and painting in Florence, Italy while studying abroad. Jessica graduated with a major in Art and a Masters in Teaching from Austin College. 

Her classes cultivate an attitude of fearless, fun exploration in drawing that leads to a soul-brightening artistic practice. Jessica is a people-lover with a passion for online learning. With this in mind, she’s on a mission to make her online courses as close to the experience of physically being in the art classroom as possible. 

Jessica has taught art for a decade to ages across the spectrum. In 2014 Jessica moved to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico and founded Studio Antonelli, where she’s been offering seasonal classes in drawing and painting for adult students ever since. Early in her Texas public school days, she taught art at every grade level, from high school seniors to 4-year olds, and still maintains her Texas teacher certification. In 2013 she was awarded Galveston Independent School District’s Teacher of the Year.

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How it Works

Join the Community

This course is part of the Antonelli Art School community. When you join Antonelli Art School, you can access the course, follow the lessons and get support from Jessica and the class.


We learn through practice, and whether you're in SMA or not, you will fill your sketchbook and learn from every drawing. This online course will give you loads of inspiration and instruction.

Sharpen Your Skills

Grab your pencil sharpener, you'll be doing a lot of drawing! We will explore the fundamental drawing mediums, including pen, pencil, and charcoal, as well as watercolor.

Community Magic

The key to artistic breakthroughs is having other art students who learning alongside you. Compare styles, techniques, and cheer each other on as you progress!

A Sample Excursion:

Sneak peek alert! Here’s a sample video from the course where we walk to the main square of the city to draw.

Behind the scenes

The most common question I get about San Miguel de Allende is:

“Why did you move to Mexico?”

Here’s your instructor Jessica’s story about why she decided to leave teaching in the states to draw with you in San Miguel. 

Learn to Draw What You See

  • Master the fundamentals of drawing with beautiful San Miguel de Allende, Mexico as your virtual backdrop and classroom
  • Join no matter what your skills level
  • Meet other art students like you in the online community
  • Follow each step with the Drawing Destination Map of SMA
  • Only $94.99 USD
  • Get direct feedback from your instructor Jessica on all of your drawings assignments in the eCourse
  • Learn to use a variety of essential drawing materials, and watercolor
  • Have a blast as you cultivate your creative practice!


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